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About LFA Tai Chi Edinburgh

Tai Chi and the LFA. My name is John Ward, I am the leading instructor in Scotland for LFA Tai Chi Health Arts.

There are many styles of Tai Chi available to learn today, however, the style which we teach is the Lee Family Health Arts.

It’s the only form of Tai Chi purely for your health and is not a martial art. The Lee style of Tai Chi is commonly known as the ‘yin and yang’ Tai Chi style, as everything in it is in complete balance and harmony.

The form we teach is purely a health art, based on the principles of Chinese medicine and it has been in existence for over 3000 years.

Tai Chi and Chinese medicine work by using your body’s natural energy. Every living person has energy inside their body; it’s with us from the day we are born until the day we die.

A person with highly developed energy experiences very few illnesses, and this is what we are working towards. People who practice our form of Tai Chi find their energy and health improve very quickly.

If you're experiencing pain or discomfort then your Chi energy is not flowing freely, but by doing our Tai Chi form it opens up the acupuncture points and helps to free any blockages you have in your body's energy helping it to flow, which in turn helps improve your health.

The Videos Below Show Some Of The Tai Chi Form Sets Taught In Our Classes To Help Improve Your Health!

LFA Tai Chi Form Sets Explained In More Detail...

Tai Chi Dance Set

The T’ai Chi Dance is more flamboyant than the T’ai Chi Form; the movements have their origins based in the five elements (earth, wood, fire, water and metal).

Everyone who practices the T’ai Chi Dance experiences the feel good factor! If your get up and go, has got up and went, then the movements of our T’ai Chi Dance are for you.

I personally practice our T’ai Chi Dance movements every morning; they boost my energy levels, which last throughout the whole of the day.

However, I strongly advise against practicing the T’ai Chi Dance movements in the late evening, or you'll find yourself 'buzzing' and unable to sleep.

The T’ai Chi Dance also helps to improve your balance and co-ordination, while at the same working the memory.

You'll have heard the saying ‘if you don’t use it; you lose it’ ...all aspects of the Lee style of T’ai Chi have been designed to help you improve the quality and vitality of your health, as well as exercising your memory to remember what you have learned!

Tai Chi Silk Set

The T’ai Chi Silk teaches each of us the power of softness within gentle flowing circles.

However, though very gentle and graceful, the movements provide us with a cardiovascular workout, at the same time as complimenting the slow movements of our T’ai Chi Form. The softness and fluidity that people witness when they watch a demonstration of our T’ai Chi Silk is exceedingly deceptive!

The body is worked hard, yet all the time ensuring no undue strain is placed on it. Balance is enhanced and co-ordination is continually improved.

The T’ai Chi Silk is an excellent weight loss tool when used in conjunction with a controlled weight loss program.

This Is Just A Sample Of What We Teach...

Above is just a sample of some of the Tai Chi sets that we do within LFA Tai Chi. There are over 17 different sets that we teach, and all of them are there to help with your health.

If you're looking for a powerful solution that will give you more energy and strength than you've ever experienced before, or if you suffer from stress or general aches and pains, headaches...then try a class and see for yourself how good you feel.

Tai Chi Form Set

The movements of our T'ai Chi Form set provide the foundation of all of our other sets. The Form exercises the body without strain, calming the mind.

The movements work around the twelve main meridian lines around the body, opening them up to help your energy move as it should.

For stress there is nothing else that comes close to helping you, not only cope with stress, but to also help you to be in charge of stress and, yes, that is a bold statement, but it's true.

The T’ai Chi form is taught within all LFA T’ai Chi classes; first of all we teach students the mechanics of the form, starting with the stances.  Each stance has a name that has been handed down for many years. Arm movements are then added, we then incorporate how you should breathe whilst doing the Form.

The movements of the Lee Style where designed over 3000 years ago in China by the ancient Taoists, and it's thanks to their dedication that we have a truly remarkable self-help health care system that has been handed down through the centuries.

Tai Chi Stick Set

The T’ai Chi Stick teaches agility and improves the flexibility of the joints of your body. Movements are subtle ensuring no excessive strain.

Firstly the movements the Stick set are taught slowly, but once you are confident the speed of the movements increase to a pace that you are able to cope with comfortably.

Through practicing the Stick, the mental faculties are heightened and the memory is improved, balance and co-ordination are enhanced. The T’ai Chi Stick set builds self confidence, it is a fun and enjoyable sequence of movements to learn.

The T’ai Chi Stick set allows individuals to carry their newly learnt skills through into their daily lives as our T’ai Chi Stick not only provides greater flexibility of the body, but also increases the capabilities of your mind.

The Lee Style Stick set will also help to improve your stamina, as it provides the body with a cardiovascular workout.

T’ai Chi Nunchaku Set

The T’ai Chi Nunchaku set is designed to improve your reflexes and improve your balance and co-ordination.

The movements of the Nunchaku set are practiced slowly and with foam nunchaku!

We have a lot of people who come to our classes with pains in their joints and arthritis problems. People who practice our Nunchaku set find the relief they get is amazing.

We have athletes who maybe have a shoulder injury, buy when they practice the Nunchaku's set they find even after just a few classes, their shoulder problem has eased.

Whatever you have problems with joints, back, shoulder, wrist etc, you will find the Nunchaku set can help.

So, no matter what you have going on, our T’ai Chi Nunchaku set has something to offer, even if it's just to enjoy the movements you learn.

We live in a world of ever increasing pressures. A world in which both parents have to work to pay the bills, then off to the gym to pound the treadmill.

Stop and think about the long term impact on your body, I teach body builders, with weakened backs, runners with damaged knees.

You need the structure, tissue, organs - the whole of your body to last a life time. You need enough energy to enjoy the fun things in life. You need relaxation techniques to keep the stress at bay.  You only have one life - start practicing LFA Tai Chi and live it as best you can, as strong as you can!

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