Improve Your Health In The Comfort Of Your Own Home With Our Online Zoom Classes!

All of our classes are easy to follow, no experience needed it's a step by step you simply can't go wrong. The health benefits are simply amazing and the classes are fun to do.

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If You Suffer From Any Of The Following You Will Get Almost Immediate Results Doing Our Classes...

Back-Pain Relief

Back Pain is one of the most common reasons people come into Tai Chi. Tai Chi can really help with this kind of problem, it's the reason i came into tai chi.

Stress Relief

It's a bold statement, nothing comes close to helping people with stress like tai Chi can even doing your first class you will notice the difference.

Improved Sleeping 

Everyone leads such busy lives its hard for your mind to switch off and that causes sleeping problems 2 simple exercises and you will sleep.

Improved Balance

Tai chi improves balance and, according to some studies, reduces falls. in as little as 2 weeks you will see the difference.

Better Circulation

Tai chi breathing exercise increase your lung capacity and improves oxygen. For the legs we use walking exercises to help and improve this.

Increased Mobility

The last thing anyone wants is not to be able to get about at will. Tai Chi being soft and gentle really can have a big impact on mobility.


It's So Easy To Get Started With Our Zoom Classes.

Step by step instructions, it's really easy to follow, It's so easy to get started you will be up and running in no time. The great thing is we give you video tutorials on how to set everything up.

Even if you hate tech you will have no problems. The great thing is you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. The health benefits will simply amaze you.

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What Our Students Say

"You will love the classes"

"I love the online classes they are easy to do i don't have to leave the house it's just great. And my sleeping has never been as good. Try a class you will love them. The good thing is it's easy to set up.."


"Stress all gone i feel great"

"I love the online classes they have been amazing for my mind and stress levels. Considering i'm not good with tech  but John made it so easy to set up  and i'm loving it all and so will you "


"No more back pain amazing"

"I've been doing lfa tai chi for a while now and have always done physical classes but now doing zoom classes im loving it in fact my wife and myself do the same class together it's great ."


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