12 Reasons To Try Tai Chi To Improve Your Health

12 Reasons To Try Tai Chi To Improve Your Health

12 Reasons To Try Tai Chi To Improve Your Health

12 Reasons To Try Tai Chi To Improve Your Health, If you didn’t know Tai Chi has been around for thousands of years, people in China practiced this amazing art to keep themselves healthy. People used Tai Chi to keep themselves fit and healthy on a daily basis, people would visit a Chinese doctor using herbs and acupuncture as the health benefits went hand-in-hand.

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Below we have given you 12 reasons why you should practice Tai Chi for just for your balance and flexibility but for the amazing health benefits there are to be had from practicing this amazing art.

1. Better sleep!

2. Weight loss, particularly at the waist.

3. Improved immune function. You won’t get sick as much! (You’ll need this to survive the antibiotic resistant superbugs we’ve created by over-prescribing antibiotics.)

4. Reduced stress levels. Not initially impressed by this fact? Consider that 99.9 percent of all disease is either caused by or exacerbated by stress. It’s a big deal.

5. Better bone density. Even the U.S. Surgeon General recommends it.

6. Reduced pain, improved mood, better physical function, and improved flexibility in osteo-arthritics, decreases pain and fatigue in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Helps prevent heart disease and helps alleviate anxiety.

8. Helps alleviate symptoms associated with Type 2 diabetes and helps lessen need for meds.

9. Improves psychological well being and helps alleviates depression.

10. Helps alleviates symptoms of asthma in children and adults, and improves quality of life for asthmatics.

11. Better balance, flexibility, and strength.

12. Tai Chi helps thicken the brain’s cortex, which means it may help protect practitioners from depression, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, all associated with the thinning of the cortex. source here


12 Reasons To Try Tai Chi To Improve Your Health, You see one of the biggest problems we have today is that people move at 100 miles an hour, the demands on the body is constantly moving all the time, we never take the time to stand still and just enjoy life and this is why so many people are so stressed these days, people don’t actually understand by doing tai chi the health benefits can transform their lives.

So if you’re thinking about doing tai chi find one of our classes right here at Tai Chi Edinburgh. Our style of tai chi which has proven benefits is probably the most successful form of tai chi for people’s health in the world today.

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