3 Steps to Repair Your Wreaked Metabolism

3 Steps to Repair Your Wreaked Metabolism, there are many reasons why your body is gaining weight, age is one factor but bad diets are the main focus. So what can you do to start the ball rolling again,well change your diet start some gentle exercise like Tai Chi or go for a brisk walk for about 25 mins every other day this will start the reaction for your metabolism.

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As i mentioned earlier doing Tai Chi is perfect to help get you fit again, most people look at Tai Chi and think or you have to be Ninety to start doing Tai Chi, the simple fact is if you tried to do Tai Chi for 30 minuets at one time you would understand that Tai Chi is not as easy as you would think, it works the whole body but in a gentle way.  Take a look below at some of the tips as it talks about stress being a major contributor for slowing your metabolism.

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How stress affects your metabolism

Your central nervous system has two branches, the parasympathetic (think: peace) nervous system and the sympathetic (think: stress) nervous system. The two work like a switch — when one is turned on, the other is off.

The sympathetic nervous system is associated with the rapid release of stress hormones, slowed digestion, and faster breathing and heart rate. “This is the state you are in when you are speeding through your day stressed out and multitasking like crazy to get everything on your to-do list done,” Viers told Yahoo Health, adding that the human body isn’t built to operate in this constant state of stress. Our system gets out of whack — hormones go haywire, we don’t sleep well, we have major mood swings, and our metabolism slows down.

Muscle — your body’s metabolic machine

In addition, changes within your muscles and loss of muscle mass — due to aging, inactivity, doing the wrong kinds of activity, or some combination of those — also have a significant impact on your metabolism. “From age 20 to 60, relatively sedentary adults lose about 30 percent of their muscle mass,” said Tim Fischell, MD, professor of medicine at Michigan State University and author of Burn Calories While You Sleep. Muscle that hasn’t been actively stressed also burns about 30 percent fewer calories over three to four decades, he added. more info here

“When you add up the loss of muscle and the loss of metabolic activity in the residual muscle that you have left, you are therefore looking at close to a 45 percent total loss of calorie burning between 20 and 60 to 70 years of age for relatively sedentary adults,” Fischell told Yahoo Health. “This is gradual and continuous starting in one’s 20s or 30s.”

3 Steps to Repair Your Wreaked Metabolism, as we all get older we are more open to stress, this plays a huge part in your metabolism slowing down. Many of my clients have said its when i hit my 40’s when i started to get the middle aged spread, YES is is a factor but most of it is down to diet and exercise and doing LFA Tai Chi is a perfect way to stop most of the slowing of your metabolism and without a doubt your STRESS levels. We hope you enjoyed this article from Tai Chi Edinburgh.

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