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5 Minutes Of Tai Chi Is The Perfect Antidote To Our Digital Age

They say Tai Chi is the perfect antidote for our digital age, while most of us have known this for quite some time the medical profession are finally catching on to the amazing health benefits of Tai Chi.

There are doctors from all around the world now practising tai chi to find out what other health benefits tai chi can give people which is really encouraging. This is what the Chinese have been saying for years, about the internal benefits from doing tai chi but the medical profession are now catching on, which is great.

Please read the rest of the article below, you may find a few surprises for yourself they did not already know about what Tai Chi can do for you and your health.

Tai Chi Edinburgh

News stories sporadically proclaim tai chi’s health benefits, from boosting memory to slowing the progression of Parkinson’s. Only last week Taiwanese scientists found that people who practised tai chi had a higher number of stem cells than those in other groups.

It’s “the first step to providing scientific evidence” for tai chi’s health benefits, according to Dr Paul Sanberg at the University of South Florida. But the numbers of people practising tai chi in the UK are tiny compared with those doing yoga. The reason often cited is that it’s harder; some say it’s more like taking up an instrument than an aerobics class.

There’s also – for anyone like me who initially felt like a pseudo-Oriental giant aping a graceful 3,000-year-old art form – a tiny bit of mortification to get over.  Teachers are fond of encouraging new students by saying things like: “200 million Chinese people still practise tai chi”; or “these movements have developed over the course of thousands of years”. But why would anybody stick at anything unless there’s tangible progress?

Tai chi essentials

Tai chi gently twists and elongates tissues that have become tense or suffered physical trauma. It also opens the body to release the central nervous system.  Sophisticated methodical choreography encourages the mind and body to work together. This not only develops coordination and balance; tai chi boosts the brain and memory as efficiently as both serious mental exercises and strenuous aerobic exercise.

The grounding nature of the moves and emphasis on bringing awareness to the lower body can help people who are “stuck in their heads” after a day in the office.  Doctors acknowledge that tai chi improves arterial compliance, i.e. expansion and contraction of the arteries, which is crucial for heart health, whereas strength training alone brings about a decline in arterial compliance.

In tai chi the emphasis is on internal development powering the external. It may not produce six-packs but it has given tiny women the capacity to lift cars. Source

5 Minutes Of Tai Chi Is The Perfect Way To Improve Your Health

People often smile when we tell them to practice tai chi for literally five minutes each day and you will feel the amazing effects as your health and well-being, although this may sound crazy, this is because we live in a world where they say you have to exercise for at least an hour at a time which is completely untrue.

As Tai Chi not only works your mind, it works your body, your muscles, your internal organs and helps to greatly improve your body’s energy. people always associate tai chi being an art for the older generation, but this couldn’t be further from the truth as we live in an age where stress is more apparent than ever before, and the younger generation really need the health benefits tai chi has to offer.

Remember five minutes is all you need to get started to feeling the amazing benefits of Tai Chi. We have a range of Tai Chi classes right in the city of Edinburgh for all ages why not give us a try.

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Tai Chi Edinburgh

5 Minutes Of Tai Chi Is The Perfect Antidote To Our Digital Age

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