6 foods You Can Eat Without Feeling Guilty To Relieve Stress

6 foods You Can Eat Without Feeling Guilty To Relieve Stress

If your working hard all day long and not getting the right nutrition your body starts to feel the effects, if you find yourself feeling exhausted, lethargic and constantly stressed because you can’t make the time to eat proper meals? Apart from working yourself into the ground trying to keep a good life work balance it maybe the good foods you’re not eating and that you should be eating to help keep your energy levels up.

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Doing LFA Tai Chi will help with stress, lets be honest if your stressed most of the time, its everyone around you that suffers the most as they bear the brunt of your mood swings. The key with Tai Chi is that it not only helps with stress but its great for your energy levels as well.


1. Nuts
Craving salty food like chips indicate a lack of minerals. If you must snack at your desk, grab a handful of pistachios, walnuts or almonds (lightly salted with real salt) instead. The zinc and other essential minerals in these can help boost your immune system

2. Meats
Is stress making you more likely to binge on fatty food? Get yourself more protein, as this helps to lower the level of ghrelin, a hormone that increases hunger. If you’re vegetarian, go for some beans, tempe or tofu instead.

3. Leafy greens
Help your muscles relax with a few servings of leafy green vegetables. The magnesium and calcium ensure proper nerve and muscular function. If you can’t stomach these, try a green juice or smoothie instead.

4. Fish
Calm your frazzled nerves with the omega-3 fats in sardine, tuna and salmon. A certain chain of omega-3 fats called DHA can help you stay calm and composed under mental stress.

5. Milk
There’s a reason why you always see kids drinking a glass of warm milk before bed in the movies. It helps your brain secrete serotonin, the “calming hormone”, to help you achieve quality restful sleep.


Remember if your feeling tiered most of the time you are feeling the effects of stress even if you think you are OK YOUR NOT,  Also add some of the foods thats here in this article its a starting point to help get you back on track. And if your not doing our Tai Chi start by either using our videos or go to a class.

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