7 Reasons To Practice Yoga For Amazing Health

7 Reasons To Practice Yoga For Amazing Health

7 Reasons To Practice Yoga For Amazing Health, yoga has been recognized around the world for its amazing health benefits but which style do you choose. Well within LFA Tai Chi we do Taoist Yoga more commonly known as Kai Men,  if you want to look at different styles there are so many to cover so which one would you pick?

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Well for me i like to look at someone who has practiced Taoist Yoga for more than 38 years now and the results have been amazing and speak for them selves. Sheila Dickinson is the Master Instructor for LFA Tai Chi and has never been to her doctor in 38 YEARS, now how many people can say that, YES not many that’s for sure. She has always said if there is a secret to ones health its a balance of Tai Chi and Taoist Yoga, and balance being the most important part.

Below we have listed some benefits of doing Yoga in general so why not look over them and put them into practice.

7 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga

1. Flexibility
Yoga increases range of motion, mobility, and general flexibility. This doesn’t only make daily activities easier, it can also help reduce aches and pains associated with inactivity or a rigorous fitness training program.

2. Breath Consciousness
We breathe all day, every day, for as long as we live (life kind of depends on it). Yoga brings awareness breathing and can help you recognize the power associated with breath control and consciousness. Many ancient meditation practices begin and end with breath control.

3. Reduced Stress
Yoga, like many forms of exercise, can help reduce stress. It combines fitness, meditation and deep breathing to give you a multi-pronged approach to stress relief.

4. Muscle Definition and Strength
Yoga is one of the best body weight exercises you can do. It helps build strong muscles without the expensive and potentially-dangerous equipment.

5. Improved Circulation
As you stretch and work all of the muscles involved in the various yoga poses, you are helping encourage healthy blood circulation. Oxygenated blood rushes to all of your cells more efficiently when you are in good shape.

6. Pain Relief
Research has linked yoga practice with a reduction in pain for people suffering with arthritis, cancer, MS, auto-immune diseases and other chronic pain conditions.

7. Profound Inner Peace
Yoga is meditation in motion. It focuses your attention on the here-and-now, helping to create a more balanced mind-body-spirit connection. to find out more click here.

7 Reasons To Practice Yoga For Amazing Health, soon we will have some Taoist Yoga video exercises for you to try for yourself and you will be amazed at the difference you feel within yourself by practicing just a few of these simple exercises.

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