Do Your Lungs Need Some Help – 5 Herbs To Help Your Lungs

Do Your Lungs Need Some Help – 5 Herbs To Help Your Lungs, today more than ever asthma is on the rise, one of the main problems as i see it is the amount of chemicals not only in our food but in the air as well.

By practicing not only our tai chi form sets some of our amazing breathing exercises have helped people come off inhalers and asthma drugs all together. But for now here are some herbs to help strengthen your lungs.

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Here are some other herbs to help you breath easy.

• 1. Oregano is another option that has a rich history and a prominent place in modern kitchens. It was historically considered a sign of happiness and joy, and could attract good luck when carried in a satchel. Inhaled, oregano vapors are great for opening the airways and aiding with sinus problems. Carvacrol and rosmarinic acid within oregano work to naturally aid in decongestion. Check out other oregano benefits here.

• 2. Peppermint contains menthol—an ingredient common in modern over-the-counter breathing remedies. As PreventDisease reports, menthol is able to smooth the muscles of the respiratory tract and make breathing easier.

• 3. Plantain leaves are about as easy to find as dandelions, and grow freely in many yards. These are powerful little plants able to soothe a cough and can even be used for hay fever, asthma, lung infections, and chest congestion.

• 4. Eucalyptus isn’t as common as the above choices, but can often be found in lozenges and natural sore throat and cough treatments. It’s an expectorant (which makes coughing more productive) and can soothe an irritated throat. It also supports the immune system with loads of antioxidants.

• 5. Sage is a particularly useful treatment that can easily be made into a tea or infusion. The essential oils in sage are good for throats and lungs, soothing coughs, and calming airways. While drinking the tea, hold it up to your face to allow inhalation of the medicinal vapours. find more here.

Do Your Lungs Need Some Help – 5 Herbs To Help Your Lungs, there you have it try some of these herbs if you find you have a weakness in your lungs, please remember to consult your doctor if you are on any kind of medication.

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