Does Your Brain Need A Boost Try These Herbs

Does Your Brain Need A Boost Try These Herbs, most people say as they get older, or my mind is not what it used to be, i think we are drummed into this way of thinking. Master Instructor Sheila Dickinson always says exercising your mind is one of the most important daily tasks we should all be doing, as it not only keep your energy levels up but more importantly it keeps your mind feeling young.

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By practicing a few minuets of LFA Tai Chi every day is the perfect tonic for your mind and body. I have people in their nineties that say they feel better than when they were in their seventies by doing Tai Chi. But on the other hand like any tonic herbs play a massive part of our lives that can help keep your mind and body strong, but remember you need both the herbs and Tai Chi as the perfect combination. So below are a few herbs that are good for the mind

Memory loss and other cognitive conditions are issues that a large number of people start to worry about as they age. Of course, this is not true. Our brains are capable of creating new brain cells at any given age, and diet plays an essential role in how often, and how effectively, they can do so.

Bacopa monnieri Bacopa monnieri, or brahmi, is a thick-leafed herb native to the wetlands of East and Southeast Asia, and is well-known for its brain-boosting properties.

Like most brain-boosting foods, Bacopa monnieri can take a while to work. Taking 150 milligrams of it three times a day for a two-month period, for instance, will provide better results than taking the same amount of it over a one-month period.

Ginkgo biloba There’s a good reason why Ginkgo biloba supplements are one of the most popular herbal remedies in Europe and the United States: the leaves of this unique tree, which is one of the longest-living species in the world, is a fantastic mental aid. For example, a study published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology in 2014 showed that Ginkgo extracts could “improve working memory function in middle-aged individuals.”

Taking between 240 and 600 milligrams of Ginkgo biloba up to three times a day is optimum for correcting memory-related issues.

Gotu kola Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) is a member of the parsley family that grows in the Himalayas. It was (and still is) used to treat countless medical conditions in India and China, including varicose veins, skin lesions, insomnia and blood circulation.

A review published noted that gotu has neuroprotective properties and was reported to treat deficits associated with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and oxidative stress. (6)

Taking one or two 500 milligram capsules of gotu kola a day is a great way to boost our memory naturally and without side effects. Alternatively, gotu can be consumed in tea form. Its bitterness can be masked by adding some honey or lemon. To find out more click here.

Does Your Brain Need A Boost Try These Herbs, Always consult your doctor if you are taking medication as some herbs can conflict some forms of medication. Try some of these herbs over a short period of time to see if you feel a difference you may be surprised.

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