Health-Packed Teas for Winter

Health-Packed Teas for Winter

Health-Packed Teas for Winter, Sage has among the lengthiest past histories of usage of any type of cooking or medical herb. It was made use of by herbalists externally to manage sprains, swelling, ulcers, and also bleeding. Internally, a tea made from sage leaves has actually had a long history of use to manage aching throats as well as coughs; often by rinsing. Within the LFA Tai Chi we use sage a thyme as a cold or sore throat remedy.

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 Here’s a tea that’s delicious and supportive when we have a cold or feel like one is ‘waiting in the wings’.

Cold Care Tea

Calendula flowers
Sage leaves
Hibiscus flowers

Place a pinch of each into a glass jar. Boil water. Add water to the jar.
Place lid on the jar.

Allow to steep 8-10 minutes.

Add a little herb-infused honey
(I used ginger honey) to add another level of healing to the cup. Enjoy. – See more here.

For a Health-Packed Teas for Winter, Sage Tea or infusion of Sage is a valuable broker in the delirium of fevers as well as in the anxious exhilaration regularly accompanying brain and also stressed diseases. It has a considerable credibility as a solution, given up little and often-repeated doses. It is highly serviceable as a stimulant tonic in debility of the stomach and also nervous system as well as weak point of digestion usually.

We hope you enjoyed this recipe for helping with sore throats, we many recipes that we will be posting to help with the winter months.

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