How Does Qigong Work For Your Health

How Does Qigong Work For Your Health

How Does Qigong Work For Your Health

How Does Qigong Work For Your Health,  as you know there are many forms of Tai Chi and Qigong in the world today, within the lee family style of Tai Chi Qigong is better known as kai Men.  It basically translates to Taoist Yoga and there are many forms of yoga in the world today, within the art we teach there are 4 1/2 thousand different exercises that we do. But the biggest question were always asked is what does it really do for your health and what is it all about.

In the article below there are a few basic explanations about what Qigong is all about and what it can do to help you with your health.   After you have read this article please leave a comment below on your thoughts and if it helped you understand what it is and how it can help you.

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How Does Qigong Work

Basic Qigong: Energy Follows Attention
In spite of their differences, there are basic mechanisms that are common to all forms of qigong. The primary axiom of qigong practice is “energy follows attention.”

Breath As A Conduit For Linking Energy & Awareness
What is the mechanism by which “energy follows attention”? In the initial stages of practice, this has a lot to do with the physical breathing process. By learning to rest our attention on the cycling of the inhalations and the exhalations – merging our mind with the movement of the breath – we activate a capacity for our mental focus to be able to guide the movement of qi.

Embryonic Breathing
In embryonic breathing, we draw energetic sustenance directly into the body mind, independently of the physical breathing process. The physical breathing process is used as a kind of raft. Once we’ve crossed the river – returned to the land of the Cosmic Mother (dissolved our notion of separation from all-that-is) – we’re able to leave that raft of physiological breathing behind.

The Flow Of Qi Through The Meridians
All qigong forms aim, in some way or another, to open, balance and clarify the flow of qi through the meridians. In the course of our lives, when we have experiences that we’re not able, in the moment, fully to digest, the energy of those experiences – like undigested food in our intestines – creates blockages in the meridians. For more information click here.

At Tai Chi Edinburgh we try to bring you all the latest information on a wide range of health topics, with great little tips to help you with your health,  although this article is a brief explanation about the health benefits of Qigong  I hope it gives you  more insight into what it is all about, and by  practicing it on a regular basis  you may understand how it can help your health and your stress levels.  One of the major benefits of actually practicing this wonderful art is how quick and easy it is to feel less stressed and have more energy to do the things you really want to do with a little practice.

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