It Takes Tai Chi To Tango - With Simon Webbe From Blue

It Takes Tai Chi To Tango – With Simon Webbe From Blue

It Takes Tai Chi To Tango – With Simon Webbe From Blue

I loved this article in the press about Simon Webbe from the pop group Blue the headline said, It Takes Tai Chi To Tango – With Simon Webbe From Blue, if your not sure who he is, he stars in strictly come dancing on a Saturday night, in a celebrity dancing competition.

I must say from when he first started looks great, but the main thing he turned to Tai Chi to calm his nerves before he goes on dancing. The main thing about it all is the fact Tai Chi got some good press from it because he is doing so well in the competition. In the rest of the article below he explains how he has benefited from doing Tai Chi.

If you dont want to read the article, listen to the little Taoist monk, he explains the whole article.

Listen To The Little Taoist Monk

It Takes Tai Chi To Tango – Webbe

Strictly Come Dancing’s Simon Webbe has revealed that he has turned to tai chi to calm his nerves – and reckons it may be behind his colossal scores.

The Blue singer said he used the ancient art for the first time before the Blackpool heat, which saw him and partner Kristina Rihanoff receive top marks from three of the four judges.

He said today: “The thing is about the live shows, it all creeps up on you as soon as you put the clothes on. Right now I feel pretty cool, but I’m sure tomorrow there’ll be heart palpitations and me going off into a corner to do some tai chi and calm myself down

“I did it for the first time last week before I did the tango and I think I’m going to do it again. It really calmed me and put me in the zone. If it works for me a second time I’ll definitely carry on with it.”
Webbe admitted he is not expecting to match last week’s scores from the Tower Ballroom, which saw him jointly topping the leaderboard with Pixie Lott.

The singer – performing a salsa in tomorrow’s BBC1 show – said: “In the back of my mind the pressure is there, but there’s no way I’m going to get three 10s again. I don’t want to say I won’t, but it would be nice if I did.”
He has been delighted by the reaction of fans since he did so well on last week’s show.

Webbe said of the reaction: “I’m flabbergasted, I still haven’t come down, to be honest. This whole week has been really different – people in the streets and the way people are looking at me now – and all because of the Argentine tango, I suppose.”

We hope you enjoyed this article, it just goes to show you anyone can do Tai Chi. If you suffer from any kind of nervous problems, Tai Chi can really help. From all of us at Tai Chi Edinburgh till next time.


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