My Students Laughed When I said I have A Large Brain Because Of Tai Chi

My Students Laughed When I said I have A Large Brain Because Of Tai Chi

At LFA Tai Chi Edinburgh We always try to bring you interesting and sometimes funny articles all related to your health,  the headline of this article not only makes you think why did you write that but it’s something I say in my classes as a joke. My Students Laughed When I said I have A Large Brain Because Of Tai Chi, But not only seems what I was saying in my class was actually completely true.

New research that is come out on the effects of Tai Chi on your brain  have concluded doing tai chi actually increases the size of your brain.  There was research that was recently done on the effects of Tai Chi and your brain and the findings were quite astonishing,  saying that if you practice tai chi  and meditation It increases your brain size.

Now all joking aside when you practice tai chi or meditation you have to really use the mind, if you think about it just like any other muscle in the body the more you have to work it the more it should develop.  please read  below about some of of the interesting facts that was conducted in the research about tai chi and the size of your brain.

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3 Ways Tai Chi Trains the Brain

Tai Chi makes your brain bigger, literally. Researchers at the University of South Florida and Fudan University in China found Tai Chi increases brain volume in seniors who practiced Tai Chi three times a week for 40 weeks. The study’s results are pretty impressive, since gray matter usually shrinks with age.

Tai chi keeps you on your toes, figuratively. Just as physical exercise keeps a body fit, the mental concentration required for Tai Chi exercises the brain. The art form trains your brain to help you retain more information, stay focused on the task at hand, and make quicker decisions (not snap decisions). A small study from Massachusetts General Hospital found people who meditated 40 minutes a day had thicker cortical walls compared to people who didn’t meditate. Thickness of cortical walls is linked with slower rate of cognitive decline, and conversely, quicker decision-making, sharper focus and improved memory

Tai Chi helps you shake off stress, effortlessly. Cool as a cucumber? Another awesome benefit of the moving mediation, Tai Chi. A regular meditation practice, as well as learning anything new, improves neuroplasticity, which is the process by which our experiences help reorganize neural pathways in the brain. In simpler terms, the brain is rewiring itself in response to your experiences. These connections help shore up emotional stability so you can cope with stressors in a more controlled fashion.

Another great benefit of Tai Chi is that it’s accessible to people of all ages and fitness abilities. It’s the focus on the subtle movements that exercise the brain and boost cognitive abilities. First, it’s learning the precise movements of the ancient martial art form that will give your brain a boost. Then, it’s the continued focus linking the breath and the movements. to find out more click here.

As there is more research  being done on tai chi each and every day I think people are quite surprised how this ancient art  is now being proven to not only improve your health your mind and your body, but for everything including the physical aspect of your life. I I have been teaching Tai Chi now 18 years and I know for a fact the benefits of  Tai Chi on the mind for concentration levels and for learning new things has proven to be fantastic.  as the title says My Students Laughed When I said I have A Large Brain Because Of Tai Chi this will make them think twice when I tell them I have a very large brain in the future.

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