Stop Being Stupid And Change Your Diet To Save Your Memory

Stop Being Stupid And Change Your Diet To Save Your Memory

Stop Being Stupid And Change Your Diet To Save Your Memory, here at LFA  Tai Chi Edinburgh we talk about this all the time in our classes, change your diet exercise your mind and your mind and memory will be sharp and good till the day you die.

Most people never really think about the problems we face with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia until it’s too late, don’t you agree, this is what most people do with their health in general though.

In the tips below they talk about research that was conducted about diet and lifestyle change and how peoples memories were reversing from once being really poor. Now all that people need to do is a simple few tweaks to their daily diet to improve their memory
would that not be worth it. Take a look at a few of the suggestions below to find out how you can take the worries about your mindset later in life, And also practice Tai Chi everyday is a recipe for success.

Diet and lifestyle changes reverse memory loss and Alzheimer’s

The research was inspired by studies that looked at the effect of diet and lifestyle changes on other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and HIV.
In the study, subjects reversed their memory loss through approaches that included:

•    Eliminating all simple carbohydrates, which led to weight loss
•    Eliminating gluten and processed foods
•    Increasing consumption of produce and non-farmed fish
•    Yoga, Tai Chi and other stress-reducing activities
•    Increasing sleep from 4-5 hours to 7-8
•    Taking methyl B12, vitamin D3, fish oil, CoQ10, curcumin, resveratrol, ashwagandha, and coconut oil
•    A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 4-6 times a week
•    Cut out snacking
•    Hormone therapy when necessary

The biggest obstacle in the program was the study subjects’ complaints about making so many changes. However, all but one experienced notable improvement without the side effects that drugs bring.  for more info click here.

Stop Being Stupid And Change Your Diet To Save Your Memory, I think the main focus of this article is to get people to understand a simple few changes to your diet can make all the difference in the world to your health, but the million-dollar question is it enough to  make you make the changes to help guarantee clarity of mind and good health in your later years as you grow older.

I think a lot of people have the attitude of the media is full of scaremongering and it’s basically a load of rubbish what you hear about people’s health. Well the sad fact is that it’s not scaremongering it’s a truth, to help guarantee good health you need to change your lifestyle and your eating habits.

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