Tai Chi Helps Seniors Keep Moving

Tai Chi Helps Seniors Keep Moving

Tai Chi Helps Seniors Keep Moving, I think it’s fantastic that the amount of people that do tai chi are now realizing the true benefits from practising and on a daily basis. At Tai Chi Edinburgh we practice A form of Tai Chi that is purely based on Chinese medicine it doesn’t mean to say you don’t get great benefits from practicing martial arts style. Although the health benefits much go deeper with the style Tai Chi that we teach, it’s still great to see tai chi is getting good press release more and more often these days.

Although the article below is a martial art style and is different to the style Tai Chi we teach, it just goes to show how much research goes into Tai Chi nowadays, when you have places like the Harvard Medical School commenting on the benefits of Tai Chi.

Turns out that Newtons First Law not only applies to physics, it also applies to humans as they age. If you want to stay active, vital and healthy as you get older, its important to keep moving.

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese practice that was originally developed as a defensive martial art. As practiced today, it involves slow, graceful and precise movements accompanied by focused concentration and attention to breath. It is a low-impact exercise that doesn’t put much strain on joints, making it ideal for seniors.

Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic and the National Institutes of Health are among the organizations reporting Tai Chi provides all sorts of health benefits, including:

Improved balance

Increased muscle strength

Increased flexibility

Increased bone density

Decreased stress and anxiety

Increased energy

There’s evidence tai chi may also:

Enhance quality of sleep

Enhance the immune system

Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Improve joint pain

Improve symptoms of congestive heart failure

Help with conditions such as arthritis and Parkinson’s disease See full story on livingstondaily.com


Tai Chi Helps Seniors Keep Moving, The great thing about Tai Chi it also gives your brain and mind a great workout, we have people as young as 10 up to the ages of 97 practicing tai chi on a daily basis.

So I think we can safely say the benefits of Tai Chi are absolutely amazing and more people are being made aware of this each and every day which is great for this fantastic art. Numerous studies have shown that activities requiring mental effort can help prevent dementia and other mental health problems.

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